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We would like wish our customers a very happy and safe Easter weekend. Brewhaus will be taking orders until noon on April 11, 2017. Our office will be closed until April 17, 2017. Shipping will be resuming on April 18, 2017. Happy Easter!!

We have some new products to try out, all are available in the 50ml size. Alchermes, Banana, Apricot Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Dark Chocolate Cream, Cinnamon, Limoncello, Port, Red Vermouth, Rye, Sherry, and White Vermouth. If you would like to order any of these essences please leave a note in comments.The cost of these new flavors is $6.99.

Just a reminder folks, we charge PST and GST on all of the products that are not tax exempt, except for those customers located in Alberta.

The website only charges GST, all orders have to be modified manually.

Our telephone lines are very busy, due to this we are not able to always answer the phones. We would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly leave a message or send an email. We will try to return your messages within 48 hours. I am in the office Tuesday's and Thursday's for shipping.

Welcome to Brewhaus (Canada)
Brewhaus is Canadian owned and Canadian operated

We supply yeasts, extracts and equipment for hobbyists who add flavors to their own spirits, liqueurs and other liquors (other than beer and wine).

Brewhaus distributes under its own label Artisan extracts and Artisan yeasts. We also offer the Prestige line of extracts and Alcotec yeasts.

Flavoring your own liquor has never been easier and just think of the savings! Save $$$$ per bottle!!!

This hobby is fun and very rewarding!

Our mailing address is for returned items only, we are an online store with no retail outlet. Shipments cannot be picked up at the mailing address; all orders are shipped via Canada Post.

Office Phone: 778 475 6091
Fax Phone: 778 475 6092
Toll free number 1 877 899 9245

Orders placed online do not reflect the PST and GST, charges are applied where applicable at the time of processing.

Canada Post Shipping
Orders are processed manually and we try to ship within 2-3 business days. Shipping charges are adjusted accordingly if required.

Please be aware that if your order comes up with what you feel is an astronomical shipping charge that it is probably incorrect. If it comes up with a set price of $8.00 or an even lower amount this is most likely incorrect, we process our orders manually and receive an actual shipping price direct from Canada Post. We adjust the orders either up or down if the website quote is incorrect.

If you feel that the estimated charge could be incorrect and you want to know the actual, please do not hesitate to contact Brewhaus (Canada) by email dsenger@brewhaus.ca.

Thank you for choosing Brewhaus!

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