Policies and Legal Notices
We know that our customers require that their personal information and details of their transactions with us are confidential and are not to be disclosed to other parties.

We will not disclose any information about our customers to any person, business, organisation or government unless compelled by law to do so.


Orders received will ship within 2-3 business days.

We ship to Canadian destinations via Canada Post's Expedited Parcel service.

All shipments over $150.00 CDN are fully insured.

Entirely at our own discretion, we may provide links to other websites. Such links do not indicate our endorsement of external sites. We do not add links from our site on request. If suitable interesting and informative sites come to our attention, we will obtain the consent of the webmaster of such sites before adding links from our site. We reserve the right to terminate lnks at any time, without explanation.

Trademarks and Copyrights
Trademarks and copyrights remain the property of the trademark or copyright holder/s. Brewhaus (Canada) may mention branded products in its description of the products we carry but such mention is done only for purposes of pointing out general similarities between such branded products and the products we carry and in no way implies those branded products to be associated with Brewhaus (Canada) in any way not specifically claimed.

Throughout this website we draw attention to the fact that that we trade internationally and that our website will be viewed by people in countries with laws that are unknown to us. We explicity draw attention to the fact that the production of alcohol for the manufacture of liquor is not permitted in many countries and that we do not encourage people to undertake illegal activities. Any person who uses information provided by Brewhaus (Canada), whether in this website, or elsewhere, which conflicts with the laws applicable in their area of residence do so entirely at their own risk and without the approval of Brewhaus (Canada).

Legal, Health & Safety
If tips, recipes or suggestions are provided in this website, such information is provided as a service to our customers and visitors but it is specifically stated that we are neither expert in legal matters nor health matters so discretion is advised. You should evaluate the information provided and, if appropriate, seek professional opinion before implementing or relying upon the information.

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